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Energy Saving Servo Motor
RM675.00 RM750.00
Energy Saving Servo Motor
Price RM675.00 RM750.00
Product SKU Servo Motor
Brand Other
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  • controlled by pcb board

  • easy to operate 

  • 100rpm to 6000rpm max

Recommended Upgrade for Industrial Sewing Machines. Refer below table for comparison of Servo Motor and ordinary Cluth Motor.

Comparison Servo Motor Clutch Motor
Power Saving Motor control by PCB Board. When machine is not running, the motor will be in standby position. Save power more than 80%. Increase work efficiency. Motor runs continuously even in standby mode. Waste power and generate moderate noise.
Operation Easy operate, PCB speed control system, fast start, needle position stops at right time, sewing speed adjustable from 0rpm to 4500rpm, suitable for all kind of fabrics. No speed regulator, no needle position control, lower work efficiency.
Maintenance Driven by magnetic suspension technology. No clutch, no carbon brush, less noise, small vibration, no maintenance required. Cluth plate to change upon wear off, replacement of brake shoe and condenser when neccessary.
Save Energy Magnetic suspension technology increases torsional force, avoid the heat of copper wire power exchange, reduce 2 to 5 degrees of work environment. Driven by copper wire, less torsional force, consume more power and increases heat.
Speed Regulate Scope 100rpm to 6000rpm max 100rpm to 2850rpm max
Power Cost (10 hours/ day) Consume 0.35 degree of electricity daily basis Consume 2.5 degree of electricity daily basis
Weight 4kg 18kg
Saving of Raw Material Save 80% raw material Consume more raw material
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